29 Giugno Giornata Mondiale della Sclerosi Sistemica

Associazione Nazionale di Pazienti e Famigliari,
Volontariato e Solidarietà Famigliare.

For Hope, il film di Bob Saget sulla Sclerosi Sistemica

For Hope is a 1996 made for television movie starring Dana Delany and directed by Bob Saget. The movie is based on the true story of Saget's sister Gay, who passed away from complications of scleroderma.
Bob Saget's point of this movie was not for it to be some fictional drama only to entertain it's viewers. His intention was to raise awareness of a very difficult and sad disease, called Scleroderma, that most people haven't even heard of but does effect more that several million people, that claimed the life of his sister. This movie is about her battle with that disease.

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